eCommerce and omni-channel retailing has forced the once stuffy old warehouse to become a bigger part of the fulfillment and distribution process. This has required a certain amount of repurposing. However, many retailers are not in a position to upgrade warehouse management systems, consider automation, or even increase labor. The solution? A third-party logistics provider. The right partner can offer warehouse space in various locations (in the U.S. and Canada), integrated systems technology, automation, and fulfillment expertise. And no added labor is needed.

The right logistics provider will integrate systems, shared data, dramatically improve visibility into the supply chain, enhance communications across all channels, and offer a suite of value-added services. The key though is for a retailer to invest the time to find the right partner for its business. Don’t assume that all logistics providers have the same capabilities. They really don’t. So shop around. Do some research–exactly what any smart consumer would do.

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